I love winter and everything it has to do with it, like when the leaves fell of the trees, and all the ground turns orange. I also love the cold weather, not because I like freezing, but because of winter clothes. My city has a very weird weather, it's usually very hot, so when the cold hits us everyone gets excited to take out all their coats, scarves and hats. It's the only time in the year we have a chance to use them and it only lasts a few weeks some times for two months. 

Trousers -  Mango, Sweater - Zara, Leopard Belt - Vintage, Knit Hat - Old, Suede Booties - Faena, Handbag - Michael Kors

As you can see I've been very excited to use my hats too. I have a big winter hat collection that I wish I could use more often. I hope I have the chance to show all of them to you, lets hope that this cold last a bit longer. But well that's it for now, I have to finish packing, cause I have a plane to catch! I'm going away for the weekend but I'll try to keep posting from there.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather!