Yesterday I had a crazy day I had so many things to do. I'm helping my boyfriend with the planing of his graduation party, which is tomorrow night at my house, we have been all around town buying and preparing everything to have the perfect party! we hope it all goes as planned.

We went to have lunch with his uncle that came to visit from out of town, to a delicious sea food restaurant.

 I wanted to dress up a little bit but still keep it casual.
  So I went for a neutral color palette, which I love, in fact most of my closet is full of neutral color clothes.

I wore my nude pale pink high waisted denim Dolce and Gabbana pants. I've had them for a long time, but I had never used them before, so when I saw them I tought it was about time to wear them for the first time.

I also wore a grey H&M basic tank top and add some golden accessories like bracelets, rings and my Swatch watch.

 To complement the outfit I used my camel high stiletto heel pep toe shoes and my nude Purificacion Garcia saddle bag.

With my thin camel leather belt and my huge anchor long necklace.

And wore my Salvatore Ferragamo silver gancini earrings to give the last detail.

hang on, two more days for the weekend!
Andrea G.



Hello everyone! As you all know by now, I'm a fashion stylist and every day that passes I fall more in love with my profession.

I enjoy doing fashion photography so much, you have endless possibilities to create amazing images, just finding the right kind of clothes or makeup you can reflect what ever you want.

Today I want to share with you some pictures I just made for a friend's modeling portfolio, in which I was in charge of, well, everything from the styling to hair and makeup an photography. 

Im not a professional photographer but I always look forward to create beautiful images, I love photography and I've been studying for a few years now.

I always focus on the way I want the model to look, I picture this image in my mind and just keep working until I get the perfect result.

The main purpose of this shoot was to capture the tension of the body so that we could create a sense of passion and drama, mixed with a sober yet sexy look, with a smokey eye and some cool black pieces that helped us to accomplish our goal.

 I really hope you like my work, promise I'll do my best to share better pictures with you!

Andrea G.



Hello everyone, hope your summer has been as good as mine. I'm trying to keep up with my posts, so today I wanted to share with you some great pictures of an advertising campaign I modeled in for the publicity of a new tanning salon called THE TANNING BOUTIQUE.

It was a great experience, the whole production took four days and long hours of work on different amazing locations on Tulum, a beautiful beach in the Riviera Maya.

This photos are work of Jennika Kane, which I consider the best photographer in town, as I've said before. I love working with her, she is so cool and we always have so much fun together, we are definitely a great team.

Here are some of the pictures of the campaign, just a few that have come out, I hope you like them!

Get ready for the summer, the bikini season has arrived!

Andrea G.



As the birthday season continued, last Wednesday I went out to a bar to celebrate another friend. We are all turning 23 and we are beginning to feel a bit old, so we really enjoy going out and having fun together.

I wanted to wear something casual but chic so I went for jeans and a cute blouse, you just add some great accessories and you are ready to go!

I wore my Wet Seal denim leggins and my new black leather with ruffled tul platform heels,

And my MANGO shimmery silver squared over the shoulder chained clutch.

For the top I chose my EXPRESS black satin blouse with blue, silver and black stones,that give the extra glam to the look.

Used my Cartier "Santos" black rubber band watch and a bunch of black and silver bracelets.

And wore my EXPRESS big black leather earings with golden stones, pushed my hair back and let all the details on my outfit speak for themselves.

Have a great week!
Andrea G.



May is always crazy month! It's full with birthdays (mine included) and parties especially during the first week. My brother turned 25 the last tuesday. The long day started with a meal with my dad's family and then at night we went to dinner with my mom's whole family to a new restaurant in town called "La Enconmienda" really liked the place, has great salads and steaks. Recommend it a lot!!

Then after dinner we ended up on one of my best friends party! who's birthday was the 4th. It's always a long week but we have a lot of fun celebrating everyone!!

Wore my always perfect levi's skinny jeans and H&M pink pocket tank top blouse, 

Used my Gucci beige leather, medium horsebit "Pelham" bag.

And my nude blush platform pumps, this color makes them perfect for either winter or summer.

H&M striped double button blazer with a bit of a sailor vibe.
 Its a little big on me, but was the only one left on the store, so I buy it anyway!

And wore my old long golden beaded necklace, which has broken a few times over the years, but I keep fixing it so I can continue using it.

And wore my ZARA golden frames aviator sunnies and my incrusted golden ring.

This pictures where taken outside a music and dance art school, it's a really old but beautiful building that I thought you'd like!

Andrea G.



I spent friday afternoon with my friends, it was a girls night. We had a lot of fun making martinis and margaritas, we invented our own recipes of many different flavors.

I love spending time with my girl friends, we always find something fun and different to do. 

Friday was a hot day, I decided to wear my new mini dress to go to have lunch with my boyfriend.

I wore my red wavy striped CHULA mini dress, it's so casual but funky at the same time.

And used my FENDI hobo B blue leather handbag, I've had it for a long time but I keep using it, has the perfect color to match with my jeans.

When I use really short dresses, I tend to use shorts under to be more comfortable, even tough you can hardly seem I know they are there. I wore my H&M loose waist and leg, denim boyfriend shorts.

With my BCBG Max Azria bright orange patent sandals, I think they are going to become my favorite pair for the summer.

And my vintage blue beaded necklace, gives the right contrast to my outfit. also wore my golden rings and my MANGO big red stone ring.

Get ready for the weekend!
Andrea G.



Last thursday was my mom's b-day, so my whole family dressed up and went out to dinner to a mexican restaurant called "la Valentina", it has great tradicional food and also a cool bar where you can have drinks after dinner.

I love special occasions I think they are always a good chance to go out and wear something nice, and this day wasn't the exception. I get to wear my new hair piece. Just bought this big flower last week and I thought it was the perfect day to show it off!

To complement my look I wore a ZARA knit camel polyester mini dress, I'm a lot into monochromatic looks, even when they are in a neutral color like camel. I think that with the right accessories you can make it pop!

This spring I'm totally loving the orange lipstick tones, I prefer the bright ones rather tan pales. I think they are perfect for day and night! This shade is Revlon's "moon drops lipstick", creme #704 peach silk.

This time I didn't wear many accessories, I let the hair pice be the center of attention. I wore only some golden rings and my usual golden Swatch watch.

And I get to use my old golden leather bag, I've had it for a really long time and I still love all the details on it. 
Just the perfect combination, that I think makes it so cool! 

With my brown leather River Island sandals, as you can see I'm huge fan of the store, to bad it so far away in London. 

And one of my mom's vintage leopard pony hair printed belt, which over the years has become one of my favorites from my collection.

Hope you have a good week!!
Andrea G.