I spent friday afternoon with my friends, it was a girls night. We had a lot of fun making martinis and margaritas, we invented our own recipes of many different flavors.

I love spending time with my girl friends, we always find something fun and different to do. 

Friday was a hot day, I decided to wear my new mini dress to go to have lunch with my boyfriend.

I wore my red wavy striped CHULA mini dress, it's so casual but funky at the same time.

And used my FENDI hobo B blue leather handbag, I've had it for a long time but I keep using it, has the perfect color to match with my jeans.

When I use really short dresses, I tend to use shorts under to be more comfortable, even tough you can hardly seem I know they are there. I wore my H&M loose waist and leg, denim boyfriend shorts.

With my BCBG Max Azria bright orange patent sandals, I think they are going to become my favorite pair for the summer.

And my vintage blue beaded necklace, gives the right contrast to my outfit. also wore my golden rings and my MANGO big red stone ring.

Get ready for the weekend!
Andrea G.


  1. Great idea. This way you don't have to worry about how to sit down anymore, you simply bypass the problem with shorts. They are also slightly shorter than your skirt, reaching a bit higher, so they can't be seen when you stand up or walk normally. They can only be seen when sitting, and that makes the difference.