I went to New York a few weeks ago, and I got caught in the blizzard storm called Nemo, It hit so bad that everything got completely covered in snow. You can imagine how bad this cold feels for a mexican girl, which city’s temperature is usually higher than 30 degrees Celsius. I was freezing the entire week, I had to wear my big fur coats to keep warm, which is actually not a bad thing, because we hardly ever get to wear winter clothes around here, and nearly impossible to use fur coats like this one. Our winter last about a month tops, so I was more than happy that I got to wear many of my favorite hats, beanies and scarfs.



Lately I’ve been crazy about printed pants, and I know almost everyone else is too, they are so fun to wear, that I just bought a few more pairs, to wear during spring. I can’t wait to show them all to you, I got everything from stripes, flowers, patterns, graphics and even spots, like this green ones I wore last week. I love the emerald tone they have, and since green has become one of the colors of the year, I think will be seeing a lot more of it on the months to come. I matched the black spots with a basic black peplum top, so It wouldn't compete with the details of the crazy pants, this way it still looks cool but in a more sophisticated way.



I am crazy about my new Michael Kors bag that I bought in NY, it has the perfect size and most amazing green tone, that will definitely make my spring looks stand out when ever I wear it. I took this cool pics to share my "Selma" satchel with you, I hope you like it as much as I do, because I fell in love the minute I saw it. I can’t wait for spring, and all the fun and bright colors that come with it, to get here.

 Green Selma Satchel - Michael Kors

Hope you find a perfect bag for spring too!! 



With all the traveling around I got a little behind on my posts, so today to catch up, I'm sharing some pictures I took before my trip to NY. I was kind of busy packing and preparing for the cold weather, that I totally forgot to post them. This is a super casual monochromatic look, formed by matching several blue garments, some basic stripes and  a hint of white for a cool contrast.