Hello everyone!! I hope you all had a great time during the spring vacations. I just came back from the beach, so I'm sorry if I didn't get to post anything during this time. I spent like 10 days at Puerto Vallarta, a nice beach here in mexico.

I really enjoyed every second of it, it was so relaxing and the weather was perfect so I took advantage and tried to get the perfect tan.

Here are some picture I took outside the hotel when I was heading to the pool, I was so into my vacations that I hardly took my camera out, but anyway I hope you like this ones.

I tend to use a lot of color when I'm at the beach, so for this bright outfit, I wore my MANGO pink mini shorts,

With a loose River Island white ruffly blouse with lace details on it.

Always an important accessory for the beach, a hat! you have to protect your face from the sun, and in this case I chose a Francesca's fedora hat.

And picked my favorite flat flowery River Island sandals. You just have to love the details on them, the 3 different colored flowers, in the end a little scorpion and the chains on the sides, I just adore them! 

Also wore my Zingara mixed printed strapless bikini and my squared beige Chloe sunglasses.

And my hot pink Jacob's by Marc Jacob's neon color canvas tote bag, one of the many colors of the collection which i loved it was so hard to pick a color!!

I promise I won't be absent this long anymore!
Happy easter!

Andrea G.



This was a great weekend, I went with some friends to an amazing place here in Mexico called "La Huasteca Secreta", a beautiful village near San Luis Potosi, the cabins where we stayed where just beside a river and a cascade called "El salto del meco". 

We had a great time, we spent all the weekend enjoying the great weather, was so good being disconnected from the city for a few days. It's the perfect place to go an rest and just escape from everything. They have different activities, some a bit extreme if you are up to them, but everything it's just perfect.

Here is the link, click on it so you can see what I'm talking about, and maybe you will decide to go as well, I promise that if you do, you will never regret it!

As you can see I got a bit burned by the sun, I spend most of the weekend by the pool. So now my shoulders have been burning and 
I had to wear something fresh, like my white cotton strapless.

 and I wore it with a river island waist colorful printed skirt, love the clash of the different colors and a ZARA thin camel leather waist belt.

With my Carolina Herrera camel tote bag, 
I like how it resembles a bowling ball bag.

with a Mango big blue pendant necklace and some golden rings.

and my perfect River Island, orange tassle front gladiator strappy sandals, definitely one of the top 10 from my collection! 

I had a great day and in the end I got to play with my dog, she is a pretty Jack Russell Terrier named Mia, she is kind of spoiled and a bit crazy, but always dressed in style!! 
after all everyone should love fashion!! 

Andrea G.



The other day I was driving near my house and I found this big graffiti wall and I just thought it would be perfect for my outfit. So I went back with a friend, who took this pictures of me  which, I loved. I think the colors on the wall really complement my look. I'm definitely feeling the bright colors this spring!

I wore my bright green forever 21 jeans, they are a total fashion statement!

With a white Abercrombie underwear tank top shirt,

And a sailor striped satin blouse on top.

One of my moms vintage necklace's, blue beaded with a golden circled pendant.
love love love it!

With my old blueish with golden details and chunky heels, Nine West pumps.

And my beautiful color blocked trapezoid shaped vintage EXPRESS purse. 

Don't be afraid to use colors it's so much fun!
Andrea G.



Hello everyone! this post is all about my vintage jewelry, as you can see in all my past posts I always wear something vintage. 
The reason is not only because I love vintage accessories but also because of my mother, She is a fashion designer and used to own her own store during the 80s and 90s. She was very successful and had some amazing clothes and accessories, the good thing is that after closing the store she kept almost everything in there! so that was great for me, I find this things really interesting and love how they give an extra flavor to my looks.

Here are some pictures of my vintage earrings and bracelets collection, hope you liked them as much as I do.

Andrea G.



Monday was a very busy day for me, it al started with a conference and a workshop that  I took at my school on the morning about how to use and play with color on the clothes. It was a great course, it helped us realize how important it is to know how to combine more more than 2 colors on your outfits, and how we should learn to have fun while deciding what to wear everyday so we get to stand out from a crowd. So to dress according to the theme I decided to wear something colorful!!

I chose my ZARA hot pink TRF premium washed, cropped trousers.
just the right amount of color!

With my Gucci beige leather, medium horsebit "Pelham" bag, the basic and simple complement to balance an outfit.

And wear it with a Seven for all mankind sleeveless halter white shirt,

With a H&M camel leather belt and my swatch golden watch,

and to pop even more, my new BCBG MAXAZRIA orange patent sandals, my best acquisition yet for the summer!

And last, my golden balls necklace. Which I stole from my mom a while ago, so I don't really know where does it came from! 
but it has become one of my favorites.

Click on the link bellow if you like my posts!
Andrea G.


Rocking It!

So on thursday I went to visit my old house, I moved almost a year ago, and it's kind of weird to go back and see everything in there.  Just reminds me of so many things, I don't really miss it that much because I love my new house, but anyway its cool to go back!

Here are some pictures that I took outside, it was a nice day the sun was shinning but in the morning was a bit chilly so I wore a sweater.

With my ZARA premium denim collection cropped washed up jeans. One of the hottest trends of the season, everyone should own at least a pair.

and a MANGO beige cropped short sleeve sweater. As you can see everything comes cropped now and I like it!

 Chloe Heloise sunglasses with frames that are both big and square. The sand-colored frame has silver detailing on both temples. perfect complement for the summer.

Under the sweater I wore a ZARA salmon tank top shirt, I think this color is great for the season.

Some gold rings and my two fingers "love" golden ring, which I love and my Coach beige heritage pink striped tote bag, the perfect christmas gift from my boyfriend.

and my Steve Madden "caryssa" nude taupe platform pumps, the perfect shoe that goes literally with everything.

Enjoy the weekend!
Andrea G.