Prints are the hottest trend we’ve seen on past seasons, and this time they are coming even bigger and bolder. Whether you use them on tops, bottoms or mixed everywhere, if you wear a cool print, you will definitely catch some eyes. In which ever form, color, pattern or design you can find, the printed pant is the must have item of the season, especially if they are graphic or geometric. like the striped ones I wore during this week, which have a basic and easy print to match, so I added some extra details on top, to make it as interesting as the bottom part, bringing the fun to the rest of the look. I wore two overlaid shirts, creating a double collar effect, using the same tones from the pants; and to finish up, I added a silver belt to cinch in the waist and wore my chunky chain necklace to match the rest of the accessories, making a perfect balance between the entire outfit.



Once again I wore an interesting piece from my vintage collection, this time I chose my green houndstooth pencil skirt, which is by far one of coolest items of the bunch. I paired it up with a simple long sleeve black shirt, keeping it casual, letting the awesome tone skirt stand out. I completed my outfit by matching it with some bold accessories, like my green snake skin envelope and chunky black & gold necklace; and mismatched it with a pair of leopard heels, creating an exciting contrast between the different graphic prints.



Apparently the cold weather is starting to vanish and it’s kind of sad for me, because In my city we don't get enough time to wear our winter clothes, and It sucks cause I love wearing scarves, boots, hats and jackets. It’s cool layering diferent garments to create more interesting looks, but since I don't have much time left, I’ll have to make the most out of what few cold we can get. Two days ago was a bit chilly, so I wore my new biker jacket and I paired it up with a super relaxed and comfortable ensemble, created by a jersey maxi skirt and a basic black v neck sweater.



Yesterday I wore a black and white,  color blocked ensemble, inspired by the some of the spring runway’s bicolor graphic trend, which I am crazy about. I love the classic combination of this two tones, and how elegant they look together. For this casual look I wore my new b&w panel trousers, and paired them with a basic black jumper to create simple yet chic look. To complete the look, I used my neon candy bag and matched it with my lips, to add a dramatic pop of color to the equation, creating a big contrast against my outfit and background.



There’s no better way to brighten up a black winter look than by adding a brilliant pop of color, like this neon green jumper I wore a few days ago. Adding color to a look is always a great move, and even though I don't usually wear super bright tones, I do love them anyway. This time I paired my green sweater with one of my beloved vintage skirts, you know how much I like wearing my mom’s old clothes, and this wrapped skirt it’s no exception. It’s such a classic piece with a super feminine cut, I mean a high waisted flirty mini skirt, how easier could  it be. 



The new year just started and I decided this was a great opportunity for a change, it’s a fresh start and what better way to celebrate it, than by getting a new look. I decided to chop my hair off and get some cool bangs, it’s nothing too drastic but it’s fun enough.   After a long holiday vacation, my life it’s just beginning to get back in track, I just got home a few days ago from another trip, so I’m sorry if it took me this long to start posting. Now it’s time to get back in shape and start to work and post my daily looks! 



Happy New Year!! To kick of this 2013, I decided that for my first post, I wanted to share one of my recent collaborations for Chic Magazine. I had the chance to do the styling for the cover shot and fashion spread as well. This editorial was created to celebrate the new year inspired by one of the hottest trends we’ve seen on plenty of the runways lately, "the black and white" combo, which has been applied in many different ways, creating some interesting trends. Like mixed in prints, using geometric lines, panels on the sides, color blocking, solid looks and many more. It’s a trend thats becoming stronger by the minute, mainly because the options are infinite, you can mix this two basic colors in many different ways, that you could easily create a new look every day. It’s a trends that we’ll continue to see a lot during this season, and will become even bigger and greater on spring!!