The new year just started and I decided this was a great opportunity for a change, it’s a fresh start and what better way to celebrate it, than by getting a new look. I decided to chop my hair off and get some cool bangs, it’s nothing too drastic but it’s fun enough.   After a long holiday vacation, my life it’s just beginning to get back in track, I just got home a few days ago from another trip, so I’m sorry if it took me this long to start posting. Now it’s time to get back in shape and start to work and post my daily looks! 

Oversize printed sweater - Vintage / Black leggins - Marciano / Thigh high leather boots - Zara.

For the first post of the year I decided to wear an 80’s inspired look, by using one of my favorite vintage sweaters. This sweater belonged to my mom, it’s the perfect 80’s retro  look, inspired by the crazy mixed prints seen on Versace’s runways back then. I’ve been wearing it for years  now and I just love it, it’s so different and so unique that it stands out by itself, making a super simple outfit ten times more exciting. I paired it up with my thigh high boots to add more drama to the look, creating a fun and sexy outfit for a cloudy winter day.


Photos by. Shalim Aleman 


  1. OMG I love those boots!!! Love the way you style everything too.. nice outfit! :)

  2. Your fringe (bangs) looks great Andrea!

    In love with those boots and the print on that top too.


  3. Great look! If there was more girls like you in the streets!...
    I own a blog about rubber boots & a bit thigh bootss fashion in Paris and all around the world. May I use one pic for my blog to make a post about your look? I would add your link of course. Visit my blog first to see if you like it!

    Thanks anyway for an answer in last post of my blog (couldn't get your mail)! Kisses

    BDC69/Arno from Paris