Hello my lovely followers, I'm having a very busy week, multi tasking between exams and meetings, I´m going a bit crazy! It seems that everything got smashed together into the same week. But I thought I'd take a break from my study time, to share with you this post from my yesterday's outfit! 

I had to go to school and follow our formal dress code for exams week. It's still kind of hot in here, I keep waiting for the fall to take this heat away, so that I can finally wear more season appropriate clothes, but it seem that the summer isn't ready to leave just yet! so I wore a short dress and pull my hair up to create a fresh but polished look.

I wore an Atmosphere mint polka dot dress with an H&M beige linen boyfriend blazer, my ALDO multi strap buckle sandals, used my Coach Heritage pink stripe bag and pulled my hair up in a bun to show my vintage golden earrings.

Gotta get back to work, have a great day!!
Andrea G.



Yesterday was a long and hectic day, I had to run so many errands and ended so tired. But one of them definitely brightened my day, I went to a beauty supply store to buy all the material for my beauty class. This year in school I'm learning all the hair dying and cutting techniques. I'm so excited to learn and hopefully one day some one will let me cut his hair. But for now, I have my fake head to practice with, don't want to make irreparable damages on no one's head just yet! ha ha

While I was on the beauty store, my mom, who went with me found a wig store right next door and as you can imagine, I had to go in! and yes, I try almost the entire store on. I took some pictures of me with many different styles, it was so funny! check them out and feel free to laugh.. I sure did!

I wore an EXPRESS knit top, a printed Forever 21 full skirt, with my Steve Madden suede taupe pumps and the green Coach leather tote. Used some golden rings and my big MANGO green stone ring, with my golden full blooded Swatch watch and a vintage linked leaf golden necklace.

And now... THE NEW LOOKS!!

So... which style did you like the most?? Blonde, ginger or should I stick with brunette? ha ha

Have a great weekend!
Andrea G.



This morning I opened the local newspaper, El Norte. And see what I found on web page column of fashion section, yes there it was my blog featured on the top fashion pages to visit.

It was an honor to find this great feature, hope you like it as much as I did! I'm so excited that more people would get to know my blog and hopefully would like my style.



Every day on the street you can appreciate people dressed with  particular and unique styles, who use fashion as an instrument to reflect their own personality. Some of them decide to share their looks on the web, using personal blogs, just like Andrea Gonzalez, creator of According to me.
In which the stylist shares pictures of her different and outstanding outfits, which surely will help you as an inspiration for creating your own. 

Have a great saturday!! 
Andrea G.



Sorry for taking a while on updating my posts, I had a crazy weekend and yesterday I came to my boyfriend's home town to visit him and spend the week together! We are going with his family to the beach on Thursday, I cant wait to get there!! I'll keep you posted!

This pictures are from last Friday, I went to my old school for a model casting for this year's fashion design graduate students runway show. It was nice to go back, I do miss it sometimes, I always had a great time there but I'm really happy at my new school anyway. 

I wore a casual dress, to run my errands and then to have lunch with my dad and sister! We always enjoy a good afternoon together. Hope you like this simple yet flirty look!

Photos by. Claudia Melgosa

I wore my MANGO sailor mini dress, with a golden ball necklace, which is one of my favorites!! A mango waist belt, my Michael Kors Hamilton tote bag and my Charlotte pep toe pumps all in a camel hue.

We are celebrating our independence day this weekend!! It's gonna be great!! 
Enjoy the holiday break!
Andrea G.



last week I was part of the fall winter runway show for Liverpool's Fashion fest, I had the opportunity to walk down the runway with some cool ensembles.

This is one of the most recognized events on Mexico's fashion industry, every year a top model is chosen to be the face of the brand, this year's model was Miranda Kerr, she came to Mexico to support the event, which usually happens at Mexico City, but We also have a runway here in Monterrey at the same time, so the event can cover a larger audience. Here are some pictures of me on the catwalk, enjoy!


The fall is finally here, ready to put my summer clothes away!!
Andrea G.