Last week I was invited to a trunk show hosted by Tea & Coffee co. by Organica boutique, where they showcased the new releases  of the beautiful Italian brand Corto Moltedo, they just stated their distribution in Mexico City and this event was for the people from Monterrey to get to know the brand and they amazing hand bags.

I immediately fell in love with the amazing brand, which is the master piece of Gabriel Corto Moltedo, who is a young 35 years old successful designer, also known for being the son of the creator of the incredible brand Bottega Veneta. He followed the steps of his family legacy and got involved in the fashion industry as well, and I couldn't be more happy that he did. He offers so many different options, perfect for every type of women. Has everything from the funky colorful, to the elegant and embroidered, and don't forget the fabulous handbags and glamourous clutches. 

Everything is full of rich details wich makes them all unique, you can stare at them for hours and eventually you'll give in and fall in love. It was so hard to choose one that I liked the most, so I chose three as my ultimate favorites. Let's see if you can guess which ones I'm dying to find under my tree on this Christmass eve!! 

Photos by: Gabriel Gomez Espinoza for Quien Magazine

For this casual event I wore:
Shirt dress - H&M 
Ridding pants - Mango
Intyce Boots - Steve Madden
Leaf necklace - Old

I invite you to get to know this exquisite brand here - Corto Moltedo and become a fan as me!
Have a great day!!
Andrea G.



Good morning followers! yesterday I went to have dinner with my family to a great little restaurant, we try to go to dinner once in the week, everyone has so diferent schedules that we dont get to spend that much time together. We really enjoy going out to dinner and just catching up with all our latest news! I love my family they are a huge part in my life and we are all really good friends, I'll share some pictures of them another time, so yo can meet them. I took this pictures in the restaurant, you can see it is a bit quirky and has some great details, besides, I though the curtains and decoration matched perfectly with my outfit.

I wore my new H&M midi skirt, with a ZARA thin waist belt and my H&M mens pocket t-shirt, which I love! and wore a Hollister denim jacket on top, I feel this jacket never goes out of style it's such a classic piece, I've had it for a really long time and just keep using it. I also used my Charlotte camel pep toe chunky sandals, my Michael Kors hamilton tote bag and used a vintage necklace as a head band, I love how it looks with my hair puled back and the details it has make it look way cooler than a normal head band.

The weekend is around the corner and my boyfriend is coming to town tomorrow!! I'm so excited.
Have a great day!
Andrea G.




This are some pictures of the costume I wore this saturday, to a halloween party. I dressed up as The Catrina a famous mexican traditional character known as the womens spirit of the dead, it's such a popular character of our mexican culture. 
We actualy celebrate the day of the dead instead of normal halloween. This day is known to be the perfect ocasion to remenber those who have passed away. We love to think that we can have a connection with our dead relatives and friends by creating altars whith a picture of the diseased, where we put all the things they used to love during their life, like food and some of their stuff. It's a way to remember them and how they where important for us, and we get together to celebrate them and us who are still alive.

This year I wanted to embody the spirit of our mexican tradition but with a fashionable twist. I created this Catrina costume  and made this amazing head piece, I used flowers, tons of color and put many details on the makeup to make it pop and be fun for a party night! 

For my Catrina costume, I wore a vintage long sleve black satin dress with emborided panels on the front and back. It used to belong to my mom, when I saw it, I got so inspired and immediately knew who I wanted to be for this halloween! So I created this complete look, which I adored!!

 Hope you like it and you have a great halloween day!!    
Let's go trick or treating!! 
Andrea G.



Today's post is about a casual chic yet colorful look. Last week was my brother's girlfriend birthday and my whole family went out to celebrate with her. 
We went to a cool restaurant called Mr. Mustard, it's a small place with delicious food and has a great alternative vibe to it, it's full of color and contrast. The owner if a good friend of mine, and he made such a good job creating this great place. If you ever come to San Pedro, my town here in Monterrey, I fully recommend you to visit and try their amazing dishes, you wont regret it!

 I wore a Charlotte Russe emerald printed blouse with my H&M linen boyfriend blazer, used the skinny Levi's jeans and Steve Madden nude pumps, with my green Coach tote bag and some Vintage accessories.

The weekend is a day away, let the plans begin!
Andrea G.



Hello hello, I'm sharing this quick post from school, just finished my classes for the day and I'm waiting for the rain to calm down, so I can go back home. 

This pictures are from last weekend, while I was getting ready to go out. I went to bar with some of my best friends! I love having girls night outs it's always great to catch up and have some cool drinks.


I wore a my 80's inspired Marciano sequined blazer with a ZARA basic black top underneath, used my EXPRESS high waited satin shorts and Steve Madden black suede pumps. Luis Vuitton silver folded clutch and another pair from my mom's vintage accessory collection, this amazing huge flower earrings.

Andrea G.