This are some pictures of the costume I wore this saturday, to a halloween party. I dressed up as The Catrina a famous mexican traditional character known as the womens spirit of the dead, it's such a popular character of our mexican culture. 
We actualy celebrate the day of the dead instead of normal halloween. This day is known to be the perfect ocasion to remenber those who have passed away. We love to think that we can have a connection with our dead relatives and friends by creating altars whith a picture of the diseased, where we put all the things they used to love during their life, like food and some of their stuff. It's a way to remember them and how they where important for us, and we get together to celebrate them and us who are still alive.

This year I wanted to embody the spirit of our mexican tradition but with a fashionable twist. I created this Catrina costume  and made this amazing head piece, I used flowers, tons of color and put many details on the makeup to make it pop and be fun for a party night! 

For my Catrina costume, I wore a vintage long sleve black satin dress with emborided panels on the front and back. It used to belong to my mom, when I saw it, I got so inspired and immediately knew who I wanted to be for this halloween! So I created this complete look, which I adored!!

 Hope you like it and you have a great halloween day!!    
Let's go trick or treating!! 
Andrea G.