Good morning everyone, sorry if I've been so M.I.A. lately, but I'm still pretty busy handling three jobs, school, several events and a long distance relationship, I'm going a bit crazy. I'm trying to pull everythhig together, but I haven't had any time to take pictures. I think I need to find a cool photographer to follow me around all day taking pictures, haha such a diva I know! I wish, anyway for now I'm lucky to have my friends helping out with the pics, to get new and interesting posts!! 

This pictures are from an event I attended last weekend, at a jewelry store called Eternity Diamonds. I had the honor to be invited to this lovely evening, where jewelry and style professionals gave us a very interesting conference about everything related to jewelry. We learned about the different types of jewelry there are and wich kind of accesories fit us better according to our personal style and interests. It was a great event and I even got to try some cool pieces on.

I wanted a classy and feminine look, so the perfect choice was a  little black dress. I wore this ZARA Basic dress with a vintage black leather waist belt. Used my red Fendi chef canvas calfskin hobo bag and for the final touch I wore my new black and creme super high pumps, its one of the newest pairs in my closet.. I'm in love!

Off to school, enjoy your day! 
Andrea G.