I've been so busy this week, my final exams are next week and I have to many assignments. I'm trying to finish everything before next week so I can have free time to relax and study.

Yesterday I worked on an interview for  my research methodology class, I had to chose a person that works in the fashion and image  industry and to find out how important these are for him.
I chose the photographer Jennika Kane, as I mentioned on my last post, I think she is so talented and thought that she would be the perfect person for this project.

This is what I wore in the afternoon. after finishing all my errands I went to a friends house for his b-day party, so it was a good day.

I wore an H&M red high waisted mini skirt, like the details on the  bottom.

With my ZARA black leather with wooden chunky heels, one of the highest pair I own, sometimes is hard to walk with them but anyway, I adore them.

And my old basic EXPRESS black t-shirt and ZARA thin camel, waist belt.

and my black leather and leopard printed faux fur, over the shoulder bag.

Vintage felt round bowler hat. Love the vive it gives to the outfit, perfect complement. 

Vintage gold bangle and rings and steel and black rubber strap, Cartier "Santos" watch.

Andrea G.



Here are some pictures of what I wore yesterday, It was a cloudy monday with a bit of a sad vive.

I was so tired cause of my long weekend and decided to wear something comfortable. So I immediately went for my cropped green pants. I just wanted to enjoy the day with my boyfriend and do nothing, so it was a great opportunity to relax and catch up with my favorite TV series.

To go with my comfy look I chose a basic cotton, grey H&M t-shirt.

With my nude Purificación Garcia tote bag, the perfect carry on for everything you can think of, fits all my stuff and it just goes with everything.

To complement my outfit, I wore my old Hollister denim jacket.  Seriously it has been years in my closet and I keep using it so much, it's just never out of style.

My great ZARA woman premium denim collection, cargo cropped pants. which i think I use a lot!
 But i'll try not to repeat them.

and my taupe "Celina" suede, Bakers ankle booties. which are definitely one of my favorite pair.

As always some vintage jewelry and my MANGO silver and green stoned ring.

keep following my blog!! 
Andrea G.



This post is dedicated to a local magazine called CHIC, which you can find every thursday as a supplement of the Milenio newspaper.
It is a very complete magazine, it includes news and pictures about everything from.. articles, interviews, fashion and lifestyle, advertisement, important events, features and editorials.

Today I'm sharing with you the pictures of the cover and a tear sheet of the 221 magazine's edition, which came out the 27th of january of 2011, where I was featured on a beauty article about cosmetic surgery and treatments.

I really enjoyed having this pictures taken of me, the location was actually a real OR of a local hospital, we even had to wear scrubs and caps so we wouldn't contaminate anything.

The hands that appear on the pictures are from a real plastic surgeon, who helped us so we could get a more real and professional look. Believe me, I wouldn't have trusted anyone else to hold a real scalpel that close to my face.

In my years of working as a model this has been, without a doubt one of my favorite experiences. I just loved how this picture look so easy and calm even though it took some time and a little pain to get the perfect result. 

This pictures are work of Jennika Kane, a successful mexican photographer, with a very promising career. I had the chance to work with her a few times and I really consider her the best of her generation. I love the way that she captures light, and how she isn't afraid to play with colors.

here are the links of the photographer http://www.jennikaphoto.com/ and makeup artist http://www.binna.com.mx/ http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2423257780 so you can get to know them better too.

keep visiting my blog
Andrea G.



Sorry for the lack of posts during the weekend. I didn't had any time to be on my computer. So I'm a bit late with my post, which has some photos from last week.
This post is all about the blazer. I've wore it like 2 times and I think it's a great option to have on your closet. Sadly I bought it to late, the weather it's getting warmer everyday so I won't be able to wear it that much!

Paired it with my ZARA high waisted, deep blue super slim raw, skinny jeans.

ZARA basics red viscose blazer, with a bit of a sailor vive,

Steve Madden "Caryssa" snake printed with golden platform and heel shoes,

Juicy Couture golden short necklace, that my boyfriend gave me for my birthday a few years ago and my golden elephant shaped, Accessorize long necklace.

MANGO big golden ring,

with my essential old Express ragged pocket t-shirt. 

I promise I'll keep posting as often as I can, enjoy your sunday!

Andrea G.


Into the Woods

Today was a nice day!  I went to school in the morning and then spent the afternoon with my boy, we went to the movies and watch a really cool mexican comedy called "Saving soldier Perez" it's kind of a funnier version of the movie Saving private Ryan, and seriously I just couldn't stop laughing. 
they touch very serious topics but in a such a great way that you can't help but enjoy it. I do recommend it! 

Im so into the spring, that I wore a short confetti ruffle zip cami black dress, 

with my Steve Madden leather "Intyce" camel riding boots 

I found this vintage wooden earrings and I thought they where gonna be heavy, but they were exactly the opposite. I wore them all day for the first time and barely felt them. 

I wore my hair down today, I tend to pull it up almost everyday. 
I used to have it shorter, so I don't like that much my actual length.

with my favorite daily gold swatch watch.

and my leather messenger over the shoulder bag, which I consider one of my best findings, I bought it on a trip to Greece, in a store in Santorini. When I saw it, I just couldn't let it go.
 Its perfect for any trip, so easy to carry on and it has so much space for everything! 

thanx to my friend Ale who took this great pictures of me, it was fun to get between the trees and all those herbs, but we end up felling so itchy. Hope the result was worthy! 

the weekend is getting closer!
Andrea G.


The golden wall

Today I'm posting some pictures of what I wore yesterday. We've been having great weather this week and since spring has just arrived, I decided to wear a floral skirt.

My sister took this pictures of me and I really liked them, they are so shinny and colorful! This golden wall is actually in my bathroom and I think its so cool so I wanted to share it with you.

I wore a ZARA washed denim shirt, I like the boyish look it has. 

 With my H&M floral high waisted mini skirt, which is perfect for spring not only because of the print, but also because it's stretchy and comfortable and I just love the mix of colors it has.

And I matched it with my green leather Coach handbag, which I got from my mom for christmas, I think it's just perfect for running every day errands.

I bought this necklace in london, it looks kind of old but I really like it. I use it very often, it has a great neutral color that you can match with almost everything.

As always I wear some vintage jewelry. My moms old beige and gold bangle, and some rings that my dad bought for me when I was a little girl. Good thing they still fit!  

And last but not least, I used for the first time this cool sparkly oxford Steve Madden shoes. I bought them last week and I was just dying to use them!

Have a good day.

Andrea G.


Green after all..

Yesterday was a great day, it was a holiday so we had the day off!!
I spent the afternoon with my boyfriend and friends, first i went with my boyfriend for some ice cream, it was a hot day!! then we thought it would be a good idea to go bowling, it had been a while since a played so I was a bit rusted! but we had a lot of fun anyway. I scored one strike and two spares, so it wasn't that bad!

Here are some pictures I snapped on the way..

I wore something comfortable, my perfect fit Levi's low skinny jeans, H&M beige jersey blouse and camel leather belt.

while looking through my mom's closet i found a great vintage green handbag with gold details and I just couldn't wait to use it!

 I chose my camel pep toes shoes, because they are high but so cosy at the same time.

  I added some vintage jewelry, wich are always a key pieces to my looks, Ted Rossi piton bangle, Swatch gold watch.

I chose mango and kiwi flavors for my ice cream! perfect for the hot weather!

and my Louis Vuitton sunglasses with yellow frames. I fell in love with them and bought them during last summer in Milan after finding out they were actually men's! and i didn't care at all!

hope you like my posts!
Andrea G. 

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Today I want to share with you some pictures of an ad campaign of a mexican label called "LOLA de ALEJANDRO" by Alejandro Carlin, an amazing fashion designer and one of the greatest talents we have here in mexico. 

I had the oportunity to model for him on his fall 2009 collection catalogue and advertising campaign, and it was an amazing experience. I love his clothes, I think he has a great concept, he creates amazing gowns and i think that what makes him a great designer is that he cares about the details, perfect lines and more importantly about the modern women's true elegance.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Carlos Rodríguez. HAIR & MAKEUP: Sofía Vázquez. MODEL: Andrea González

I hope you liked them! this is the photographer's link http://www.carogafoto.com/ watch his portfolio!
and the designer's website http://www.loladealejandro.com.mx/
so you can see more of his amazing work.

Andrea G.