Into the Woods

Today was a nice day!  I went to school in the morning and then spent the afternoon with my boy, we went to the movies and watch a really cool mexican comedy called "Saving soldier Perez" it's kind of a funnier version of the movie Saving private Ryan, and seriously I just couldn't stop laughing. 
they touch very serious topics but in a such a great way that you can't help but enjoy it. I do recommend it! 

Im so into the spring, that I wore a short confetti ruffle zip cami black dress, 

with my Steve Madden leather "Intyce" camel riding boots 

I found this vintage wooden earrings and I thought they where gonna be heavy, but they were exactly the opposite. I wore them all day for the first time and barely felt them. 

I wore my hair down today, I tend to pull it up almost everyday. 
I used to have it shorter, so I don't like that much my actual length.

with my favorite daily gold swatch watch.

and my leather messenger over the shoulder bag, which I consider one of my best findings, I bought it on a trip to Greece, in a store in Santorini. When I saw it, I just couldn't let it go.
 Its perfect for any trip, so easy to carry on and it has so much space for everything! 

thanx to my friend Ale who took this great pictures of me, it was fun to get between the trees and all those herbs, but we end up felling so itchy. Hope the result was worthy! 

the weekend is getting closer!
Andrea G.

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