Sorry for the lack of posts during the weekend. I didn't had any time to be on my computer. So I'm a bit late with my post, which has some photos from last week.
This post is all about the blazer. I've wore it like 2 times and I think it's a great option to have on your closet. Sadly I bought it to late, the weather it's getting warmer everyday so I won't be able to wear it that much!

Paired it with my ZARA high waisted, deep blue super slim raw, skinny jeans.

ZARA basics red viscose blazer, with a bit of a sailor vive,

Steve Madden "Caryssa" snake printed with golden platform and heel shoes,

Juicy Couture golden short necklace, that my boyfriend gave me for my birthday a few years ago and my golden elephant shaped, Accessorize long necklace.

MANGO big golden ring,

with my essential old Express ragged pocket t-shirt. 

I promise I'll keep posting as often as I can, enjoy your sunday!

Andrea G.

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