One of my friends had a birthday party a few days ago, on one of the hottest night clubs in town. It was a big celebration with  lots of champagne and dancing around, all of my friends where there and we had such a good time. 

I wore this black and blue ensemble, which works perfect for going out at night. I decide  to wear my hair down and straight, it's been a while since I styled it like this, so I wanted to try something different. 

I wore my Charlotte ruffle tulle and satin sandals,

With a Promod paneled mini dress, which I bought back in Milan but hadn't used it until now.

Styled it with slick hair and a natural with a bit of a smokey eye makeup. 

Wore a thin black vintage belt to enhance the waist,

And used my ALDO black taupe clutch, that is a perfect complement for going on clubbing.

Enjoy your weekend!!
Andrea G.



Today I'm posting some pictures that a friend of mine took of me last week, at a snack place where we went for smoothies, which where delicious by the way. I hadn't seen her in a while, she is one of my oldest and closest friends, so we spent the entire afternoon together catching up, chatting and refreshing from the summer heat.

I wore a ZARA button white cropped shirt,

With an Atmosphere heart shaped doted hight waisted pink skirt,

 And my Mauro Leone beige cutout oxford flat shoes.

Used my Swatch love explosion crystal cubes ring and Chanel J12 white classic chronograph watch.

And wore a white leather squared bag from my mom's vintage collection, with a golden metal lock and details. You can see it's old but I love it anyway!

Have a great day!!
Andrea G.



It's monday, and to kick of the week, I'm sharing some pictures of what I wore last week for a black and white party. We where supposed to wear either color, but I decide to wear them both.

I'm sorry for not posting earlier, my boyfriend came to town to visit me and I was kind of glued to him the entire weekend. We had an amazing time that I had no chance to even get near my computer, but I'll try to get back on track now!

I wore and H&M asymmetric half black, half white sheer blouse,

With and H&M black bandages tight mini skirt.

Used my ZARA color blocked satin sandals

And my Louis Vuitton silver folded leather clutch.

Enjoy your Monday.. almost Friday!!
Andrea G.



Today I'm sharing some pictures of the photography exhibition my school had last week on the metropolitan museum of monterrey.
the pictures  i chose are from the shoot "this lady behaves", I picked out my favorites, I  was so exited to have my first exhibition, but I wanted to keep it simple hope you like them

The event was featured on QUIEN MAGAZINE and on their web site, quien.com, where I got this great pictures of the museum, enjoy!

Image is..  The world from a lens of an image consultant.
Photography exhibition
Metropolitan Museum of Monterrey

I wore an Atmosphere dress with my ALDO multi-strap buckle leather  sandals and a BCBG black satin clutch.

Andrea G.



Hello everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, but last week was crazy, I had all my final exams and projects and tons of things to do, so I didn't had any time to write or take pictures. 

One of my school projects for the photography class, was to organize an exhibition, of pictures taken by us on the Metropolitan Museum of Monterrey, we spent the entire afternoon of the day before setting everything up. 

It was the hottest day ever, and to make it worse, the exhibition was held on the outside hallways. We where literally melting down, we had to run for some ice cream to help with the heat. Here are some pictures I snapped outside of the museum when we where taking a break, believe me even with a mini skirt and sandals, you can't be safe from this hot weather, I'm used to it, but sometimes is just too much!

I wore a heart shaped polka dot ZARA  pleaded mini skirt,

With a Stradivarius denim sleeveless shirt,

And my BCBG MAXAZRIA bright orange patent taupe sandals,

With my Swatch Full Blooded Gold Chronograph
 watch and some golden rings.

 And used my beloved Louis Vuitton Impulsion two toned jaune yellow men's sunglasses.

Also wore a vintage linked leafed golden necklace, love the details it has, goes perfect with denim.

Have a good monday, lets start the week with a smile!! 
Andrea G.



Last week I went on vacations with my mom, we didn't want to stay here for the last weekend of vacations so we bought a ticket and took off to the beach. 

We went to Playa del Carmen, a beatiful beach on the Riviera Maya, we had a great time just hanging at the beach, enjoying the sun and some drinks and going out at night to have dinner at some delicious restaurants. It was just perfect, I didn't want the week to end, I could've stayed there for another week.

Here are some pictures I took at the Cannibal Royal Beach, the perfect place to relax, enjoy the beach and have some great food.

Wish I could go back! 
Andrea G.



Hello my loyal followers, today sharing a post with some pictures of a chic outfit I wore to an uncles b-day party last week, my whole family was there, so I got a bit dressed up and get to use my new and cool pair of trousers. I took a few pictures before heading to the party, hope you like this quick post!

I wore a Charlotte Russe beige strapless corset, with gauze flowers on the front. I think it's a lovely piece, I certainly use it a lot!

Used my black crossed strap ALDO sandals, which have been in my closet for a long time now. They are so classic and basic that I keep using them every once in a while. 

With my H&M black silky loose trousers, you can't really appreciate them that well on this picture, but I'll wear them some other time for sure.

Used my Cartier Santos watch and some golden rings, to keep it elegant and simple.

Wore light makeup with pink lips, pulled my hair up and wore some vintage earrings to complete the glam look.

It's raining, let's go out and dance in the rain!
Have a good week!!
Andrea G.