Today I want to share with you some pictures of an ad campaign of a mexican label called "LOLA de ALEJANDRO" by Alejandro Carlin, an amazing fashion designer and one of the greatest talents we have here in mexico. 

I had the oportunity to model for him on his fall 2009 collection catalogue and advertising campaign, and it was an amazing experience. I love his clothes, I think he has a great concept, he creates amazing gowns and i think that what makes him a great designer is that he cares about the details, perfect lines and more importantly about the modern women's true elegance.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Carlos Rodríguez. HAIR & MAKEUP: Sofía Vázquez. MODEL: Andrea González

I hope you liked them! this is the photographer's link http://www.carogafoto.com/ watch his portfolio!
and the designer's website http://www.loladealejandro.com.mx/
so you can see more of his amazing work.

Andrea G.


  1. Muy guapa mi amor!! va bien va bien... ajaja

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