Good morning followers! yesterday I went to have dinner with my family to a great little restaurant, we try to go to dinner once in the week, everyone has so diferent schedules that we dont get to spend that much time together. We really enjoy going out to dinner and just catching up with all our latest news! I love my family they are a huge part in my life and we are all really good friends, I'll share some pictures of them another time, so yo can meet them. I took this pictures in the restaurant, you can see it is a bit quirky and has some great details, besides, I though the curtains and decoration matched perfectly with my outfit.

I wore my new H&M midi skirt, with a ZARA thin waist belt and my H&M mens pocket t-shirt, which I love! and wore a Hollister denim jacket on top, I feel this jacket never goes out of style it's such a classic piece, I've had it for a really long time and just keep using it. I also used my Charlotte camel pep toe chunky sandals, my Michael Kors hamilton tote bag and used a vintage necklace as a head band, I love how it looks with my hair puled back and the details it has make it look way cooler than a normal head band.

The weekend is around the corner and my boyfriend is coming to town tomorrow!! I'm so excited.
Have a great day!
Andrea G.


  1. Hola !! acabo de ver que eres Mexicana :) !! No sé como llegué aquí pero tienes un blog lindo, te sigo!!

  2. LOVE the ensemble!


  3. I adore midi skirts and this H&M one is no exception! It's gorgeous! I also love the top that you paired it with. I haven't thought of venturing into the men's section but perhaps now I should!