This was a great weekend, I went with some friends to an amazing place here in Mexico called "La Huasteca Secreta", a beautiful village near San Luis Potosi, the cabins where we stayed where just beside a river and a cascade called "El salto del meco". 

We had a great time, we spent all the weekend enjoying the great weather, was so good being disconnected from the city for a few days. It's the perfect place to go an rest and just escape from everything. They have different activities, some a bit extreme if you are up to them, but everything it's just perfect.

Here is the link, click on it so you can see what I'm talking about, and maybe you will decide to go as well, I promise that if you do, you will never regret it!

As you can see I got a bit burned by the sun, I spend most of the weekend by the pool. So now my shoulders have been burning and 
I had to wear something fresh, like my white cotton strapless.

 and I wore it with a river island waist colorful printed skirt, love the clash of the different colors and a ZARA thin camel leather waist belt.

With my Carolina Herrera camel tote bag, 
I like how it resembles a bowling ball bag.

with a Mango big blue pendant necklace and some golden rings.

and my perfect River Island, orange tassle front gladiator strappy sandals, definitely one of the top 10 from my collection! 

I had a great day and in the end I got to play with my dog, she is a pretty Jack Russell Terrier named Mia, she is kind of spoiled and a bit crazy, but always dressed in style!! 
after all everyone should love fashion!! 

Andrea G.

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