Hello everyone!! I hope you all had a great time during the spring vacations. I just came back from the beach, so I'm sorry if I didn't get to post anything during this time. I spent like 10 days at Puerto Vallarta, a nice beach here in mexico.

I really enjoyed every second of it, it was so relaxing and the weather was perfect so I took advantage and tried to get the perfect tan.

Here are some picture I took outside the hotel when I was heading to the pool, I was so into my vacations that I hardly took my camera out, but anyway I hope you like this ones.

I tend to use a lot of color when I'm at the beach, so for this bright outfit, I wore my MANGO pink mini shorts,

With a loose River Island white ruffly blouse with lace details on it.

Always an important accessory for the beach, a hat! you have to protect your face from the sun, and in this case I chose a Francesca's fedora hat.

And picked my favorite flat flowery River Island sandals. You just have to love the details on them, the 3 different colored flowers, in the end a little scorpion and the chains on the sides, I just adore them! 

Also wore my Zingara mixed printed strapless bikini and my squared beige Chloe sunglasses.

And my hot pink Jacob's by Marc Jacob's neon color canvas tote bag, one of the many colors of the collection which i loved it was so hard to pick a color!!

I promise I won't be absent this long anymore!
Happy easter!

Andrea G.

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