Rocking It!

So on thursday I went to visit my old house, I moved almost a year ago, and it's kind of weird to go back and see everything in there.  Just reminds me of so many things, I don't really miss it that much because I love my new house, but anyway its cool to go back!

Here are some pictures that I took outside, it was a nice day the sun was shinning but in the morning was a bit chilly so I wore a sweater.

With my ZARA premium denim collection cropped washed up jeans. One of the hottest trends of the season, everyone should own at least a pair.

and a MANGO beige cropped short sleeve sweater. As you can see everything comes cropped now and I like it!

 Chloe Heloise sunglasses with frames that are both big and square. The sand-colored frame has silver detailing on both temples. perfect complement for the summer.

Under the sweater I wore a ZARA salmon tank top shirt, I think this color is great for the season.

Some gold rings and my two fingers "love" golden ring, which I love and my Coach beige heritage pink striped tote bag, the perfect christmas gift from my boyfriend.

and my Steve Madden "caryssa" nude taupe platform pumps, the perfect shoe that goes literally with everything.

Enjoy the weekend!
Andrea G.

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