May is always crazy month! It's full with birthdays (mine included) and parties especially during the first week. My brother turned 25 the last tuesday. The long day started with a meal with my dad's family and then at night we went to dinner with my mom's whole family to a new restaurant in town called "La Enconmienda" really liked the place, has great salads and steaks. Recommend it a lot!!

Then after dinner we ended up on one of my best friends party! who's birthday was the 4th. It's always a long week but we have a lot of fun celebrating everyone!!

Wore my always perfect levi's skinny jeans and H&M pink pocket tank top blouse, 

Used my Gucci beige leather, medium horsebit "Pelham" bag.

And my nude blush platform pumps, this color makes them perfect for either winter or summer.

H&M striped double button blazer with a bit of a sailor vibe.
 Its a little big on me, but was the only one left on the store, so I buy it anyway!

And wore my old long golden beaded necklace, which has broken a few times over the years, but I keep fixing it so I can continue using it.

And wore my ZARA golden frames aviator sunnies and my incrusted golden ring.

This pictures where taken outside a music and dance art school, it's a really old but beautiful building that I thought you'd like!

Andrea G.

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