Happy New Year!! I hope you all had an amazing time during the holidays and get to spend a lovely time with your families and loved ones as I did, and that you are as excited as me to start this new year with the tons of desires and goals to accomplish. 

Dress - Bebe

I know it's been a while since I posted anything, I'm so sorry for disappearing like that, but this past months have gone by so fast. I was so busy between the holidays and tons of work, events, parties and trips.  

I'm back now and more ready than ever to share with you so many great news and photos!  So why not, start now with this quick post which is all about updating you everything that has happend during this time. Here are some pictures of me and my family during our festivities. Enjoy!

Blouse - Bebe

First and one of the greatest news, my brother got engaged with his beautiful girlfriend   last month and we couldnt be any happier, I'm so exited!! They already settle the date for this year's November the third, don't worry I'll be sure to keep sharing all the news with you. Also my brother in law got legally married, we are still waiting for the religious  one, but it still was just a perfect evening. I'm so glad for them and for all the greats thing that are yet to come!

Dress - Express
Dress - Carlo de Michelis

Then of course I celebrated christmass with my family, we had two amazing dinners with both my mom's and my dad's families. I got so many great presents but they are two that I'm most excited about, a diamonds ring and my new professional camera!! I was so bumped when my last one broke down. That was one of the main reasons for my lack of posts, so now I'm really happy and more than ready to snap some great outfits for one of my favorite seasons of all.. winter!! 

It has been the perfect season and one of the highlight was my family vacation to Cuba! We spent new years eve dancing on the beach of Varadero, but ill save that story for my next post! We just got back this week so I'm still settling into reality, tomorrow I go back to school and hopefully I'll bet bak in track with my work and focus con accomplishing many greats projects for this new year.

Hope your first week and the next to come, are great!

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