As I told you before my brother is getting married soon and we have been helping him and his fiance out out in everything we can. They have done so much already, so it's great to be able to help every once in a while. This time his girlfriend asked my sister, my mom and I to help her pick out her wedding gown, It was such an honor for her to want to share this moment with us. We went to her first fitting yesterday and it was so exciting and emotional, my mom couldn't stop crying the entire time! She tried on so many great dresses, but she couldn't made her mind yet. We'll have to keep on looking, hopefully she'll find the one soon. Meanwhile here are some pictures I took during my day, while I was looking all over town for the perfect location for a photo shoot I'm styling tomorrow, and when I passed trough this place, I taught it would be interesting to shoot with my outfit.

Printed blazer - Zara, Denim Shirt - Stradivarius, Chain collar clip - Vintage, Golden tread sweater - Zara, Cropped skinny jeans - Levi's, Purple pumps - Jennifer Lopez, Green tote bag - Coach, Sunglasses - Louis Vuitton.

While I was walking around this area, I saw how my my printed outfit clashed with the super graphic and colorful walls, from all over the market zone. They where all so weird and bold.. so why not play with the idea of creating a mix and match using everything around me.
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  1. Great outfit! Love the blazer and bag so much! Is this a recent J.Lo purchase? and congrats on your brother! I hope we get to see wedding dress pics soon! xoxo


  2. Thank you both!! of course I'll make sure to share pictures of the gowns once we choose them!
    and yes I just bought this pumps a week ago!!