I've had this panda hat for a long time and I think it's so adorable! I love to wear it when it's cold outside, with comfy warm clothes. This time I thought it would be nice to wear it with something more casual, I think it's nice to have contrast in my outfits sometimes. Then when I found this black and white sweater, I knew it would be perfect for the hat. I mean it, could seem like I'm dressed as an actual panda bear, but I think that by pairing it with this skirt, the graphic tights and the knee high boots, the look got much more chic and turn out really cool.

Black and white sweater - H&M , Wrapped skirt - Vintage, Coat - Zara, Knee high boots - Pata Pata , Panda hat - Charlotte Russe, Chain necklace - Express, Santos Watch - Cartier. 

I took this pictures in my house, on my way out to work and my brother's dog, Hermes the great dane who appears with me; got so excited with the camera and the pictures, that he came and pose with me. I love him, he is so beautiful and such a good dog. He has grown so much and he's only 5 months old, can you imagine how huge he'll be in a few years! His ears look funny because he just had his ears cut, but he will be fine in a couple of months. 
Enjoy your day!