Sorry for disappearing for the past few days, I just got back yesterday from a long weekend at Leon, my boyfriends hometown. I don't know if I told you before, but my boyfriend's brother got married this Saturday, so it was a really important weekend, full with commitments and parties to attend to. The whole wedding was amazing!! The reception was so much fun, we had a great time and danced like crazy all night long!!  I had such a good time, but the weekend had to end, and now I'm back in town and ready to share this new post with you.  I took this pictures before leaving and didn't get any chance to post them sooner, but better late than never. Hope you like them!

Faux fur vest - Zara / Sheer blouse - Zara Basic / Leather looking pants - Zara / Tote bag - Coach / Black pumps - Nine West / Earrings - Vintage / Baroque sunnies - Prada.

I wore this black ensemble for another hard working day, I had some school work to do, as well as some wardrobe fittings, for this seasons Fashion Fest's runway at Liverpool. Then attended some late meetings with The PR agency I work in, I love having busy days, and this outfit was perfect for all my different appointments. This denim pants are so cool, they look so much like leather, which is so in trend right now. I wanted to make an interesting mix, instead of an all boring black. So I wore a sheer blouse to make it sexier and this funky fur vest on top..  It's kind of sexy rocker meets glam chic or something like that.

Have to go now, have more work to do..
 But keep in touch!


  1. Super sexy! Love everything!


    1. THank you!!
      I'm trying to keep thing interesting!!

  2. Love this look so much! so fashionable!

    x Hannah Rose

  3. Love how you styled this outfit! The vest is perfection as are those sunspecs!!