Every 5th of February, in Mexico we celebrate our Constitution Day. So every year we get a day off and have a long weekends to celebrate it. This time, I went to visit my boyfriend and my friends to Leon. We had an amazing weekend, celebrated a friend's birthday and enjoyed the Superbowl with tons of friends. I came back to town yesterday, so I got a little behind on my posts. This pictures where taken last thursday, before leaving on my trip. I was dying to wear this new red cape, I know it's a little too red riding hood, but I think it is an awsome piece! I love capes, they are such a chic alternative for the traditional coats and they make you look so femenine and classy.

Red cape - Ellen Tracy , Polka dot dress - Atmosphere,  Neck collar - Zara, Waist belt - Vintage, Shoes - Merona, Santos watch - Cartier.

This polka dot dress is so perfect and paired up with the pilgrim collar and the long socks, it just looks adorable. This type of removable collars are a great investment, they are so versatile, you can wear them with everything; You get the oxford trend in seconds with this little extra piece. I think this look is so cute and trendy at the same time, it is  a weird mixture between a sexy school girl and little red riding hood, with some Blair Waldorf going on! It's a bit odd, but I loved the final result.

Lets get back to work.. see you tomorrow!


  1. Great pics. Love the red cape, looks good on you. This dress is sooo cute! Enjoy your time off :)


  2. Lovely combination, you look gorgeous!
    Fashionhypnotised girl