I found this over size sweater in my mom's closet, she has this big boxes filled with her old clothes. I think it's great, I love to go through her vintage stuff, hoping to find something cool or interesting to wear. like this maxi sweater, that she used to wear  when she was pregnant with me, so weird right? ha ha.

Trench coat - Zara / Duck's sweater -  Vintage / White shirt under - Zara basic / Waist belt - Mango / Green tote - Coach / Suede booties - Faena / Sunglasses - Louis Vuitton.

I think the duck print on it, is so cool, I love to play with vintage clothes; they tend to be so unique and they give you something extra that you can't find in regular stores. This sweater was a little big on me so I wore a belt on my waist to have a better fit. I threw my beloved trench on top, swept my hair to a side in a bun and I was good to go.

There's still a big road ahead.. so keep on going straight!

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  1. Love the sweater! Super cute! I go through my Moms closet as well.. but instead I take her nice new Louis Vuitton bags! lol Have a great weekend!