This weekend I went to visit my boyfriend to Leon, Guanajuato his home town, where he recently moved back to. It's been kind of sad not having him around every day, but we are making it work! I was so excited to get there, I hadn't seen him since I left for Milan, so it was nice getting to spend the weekend with him.

We went to San Miguel de Allende, one of the prettiest colonial towns here in Mexico, definitely a place you have to visit! Here are some picture we snapped while I was there. I wasn't able to take that many cause the weather got terrible and didn't stop raining for the rest of the weekend, so we really couldn't walk around town. But I promise the next time I go there, I'll bring pictures for you to see how beautiful it is.  

I wore my red Stradivarius pants, as I told you before this pants are definetly becoming my season's favorite pair!

With a chunky golden rings necklace, which is kind of heavy your neck gets a bit sore after a while, but I really like it anyway!

And my Cartier Santos watch, with my unconditional golden rings, I can't ever leave my house with out them on.

Wore my beloved PRADA barroque sunglasses,

With a Collective Concepts beige blouse, with black panels on the sides.

And my old ZARA color blocked sandals, which I found on the back of my closet and thought they where perfect for this outfit.

I love the red and camel combination, and the extra pop of black gives a great contrast. I think they go perfect together!

Have a great day, keep in touch for new updates!!
Andrea G.


  1. I love the pants and the shoes!! really cute outfit!! :)

  2. Great outfit, love the shoes they go so well xx

  3. great outfit!! you look amazing!!


  4. Cute look! Love the sunglasses and necklace. My boyfriend lives hundreds of miles from me. I have to get on a plane to go see him. It sucks. I really wish I could hop in the car any time to get there. So still consider yourself lucky!


  5. So nice!!!!


  6. Thank you!! great to hear all you amazing comments!!
    keep in touch!!

    Andrea G.

  7. Love your shoes!!!!
    I am your new follower, if you want, you can follow back. :-)