Bow for the queen!!..  Just kidding, hello everyone hope your weekend was as great as mine, on today's post im sharing some pictures of an ad campaign I was featured in, I was dying to show them to you, but I had to wait for all of them to come out!

This are just a few of the amazing pictures of this year's QUEEN ad campaign, QUEEN is one of the best night clubs in Monterrey and they always make pretty cool fashion ads. This particular shoot was all about beauty shots, where 3 models including me, were dressed up as diferent styles of queens.

We had a great time during the shooting, and I think the final result is  great. So check them out and feel free to comment, I hope you like them!!

This are some tear-sheets from the magazines where the ads appear.

Photography - Jennika Kane
Hair & makeup -  Plastiko Velazquez
Models - Isabel Jaime, Eugenia Becker & Andrea Gonzalez

I invite you to visit their websites, they are all very talented young mexican promises, definitely my favorite local photographer and designer.
Andrea G.