Hello hello!! As you all know I entered the Nokia & Elle competition to become the next style corespondent for the NY fashion week. 

It's been so exciting to participate on this great experience, since the competition started I've been on the most liked! It's so nice to have people supporting me and who helped me get here. After 2 cuts, I got into the third and final round, so just to be in the top 50 from all over the world is amazing!! 

It all started like this:


1. On the first round I had to create a profile where I showed everyone my blog's link and then upload a photo of myself, where you can get to see my personal style.

I picked this picture, because it is from the day of the shooting where I got my blog's homepage image, so that it would help people to relate it with my blog.

I'm wearing :


2. The second one, was to write a 250 word paragraph saying why should I be the ELLE style correspondent, and what would I bring to the competition that makes me different or better, than the rest of the contestants, and this is what I wrote:

I’m so happy I got to the second round! Now you can get to know a little bit more about me. I grew up surrounded by fashion; I spent entire days in my mom’s workshop, looking at her create amazing garments. As I grew up, my love for fashion grew with me and became my greatest passion. Now I’m an image design student; through the years I’ve taken every opportunity that has presented to me, from being a fashion designer, model, runway coordinator, PR to even becoming a writer and blogger. I also had the chance to study fashion styling at Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy. This experience helped me to dive even deeper into the fashion world; now I know how this amazing industry works and realized that here is where I belong. Being from Mexico has taught me to fight for my dreams, because it's hard to catch up with the rest of the world, but I will always work as hard as I can to overcome this or any barrier and show the world what our amazing culture has to offer. I’m a determined girl that always accomplishes her goals, I know I got what it takes to become the next Nokia and Elle style correspondent, if you choose me I’ll do my best to represent my country, and give you a great coverage of everything you are dying to know about what happens at NY Fashion Week from a different perspective that everyone will relate to.


3. Now I got into the third and final round, where I and the other 49 finalist, have 1 month to create a style portfolio with the help of the NOKIA PINK N8 PHONE, which will be arriving to me soon. Where I will show you my work, style and opinions, so you can get to know me and have an idea of how would I cover the NY fashion week if I get into the final 8.

I'm working on it right know, I´ll be adding everything on this post so keep in touch and continue visiting to see the updates! 

I hope you VOTE FOR ME me and help me be on the final 8, it would definetly be the greatest experience in my life. Seriously who doesn't dream with attending the NY fashion week!! 


To start my portfolio, I´m supposed to let you know how much do I really want to be on the NY fashion week; seriously?? I could keep on telling you everyday how I would die and come back to life just to be a part of this event.

(Lincoln center house of the NY fashion week)

All my life I´ve dreamed with attending fashion week.. either as a model, a designer, a correspondent, or just like an attendant. I consider the NY fashion week one of the most important events of the year. 

 I think is an amazing opportunity, besides getting to see all the amazing collections created by the designers, just to see the huge influence this week has on people all over the world, is like the earth holds still just to see what the fashion industry has to offer and how would they attempt improve and create a bigger impact than in the past years. Its without a doubt one of the biggest celebrations of fashion, and I think everyone involved in this industry would agree with me. 

It´s so exiting to see all the runways, the amazing outfits that complete each collection, wich models the designers choose for their shows and how they style them, what statement they want to make. 

Who gets to be on the front row, wich celebrities attend to each show and what they decide to wear, who is the best dressed...  I could go on and on telling you all the amazing things than can happend during the most exiting week! but I´ll wait until I get there to bring you the scoop and tell you all the details you want to know.

So once again I tell you that this would be the greatest and incomparable experience/opportunity of my life!! definitely a dream come true!! 


“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” - Gore Vidal

This is my blog's slogan, and is definitely my motto, I believe that every day is an opportunity to show the world who you are and there's no better tool than fashion to express yourself.

You can feel free to become whom ever you want, there are endless styles that you can follow, but only one that will be truly yours! 

In the end you have to find the one that makes you comfortable, just be yourself and not care what people think or if they agree with you. What you project is what people will perceive so try to be yourself in your own unique way!


Two days ago I got to my house, and found a package from london waiting for me on my room. I was so exited to see what it was, when I opened it this is what I found.

 NOKIA & ELLE send all the finalist this great present, a 100% biodegradable bag, made of recycled cotton, which i think it's so cool that they worry about the environment and send us this cool organic bag. Inside it had all this great stuff:

The july edition of ELLE magazine, featuring Emma Stone on the cover. I loved her editorial photographed by Carter Smith, who did a great job showing us an edgier Emma. The styling was created by Joe Zee, an amazing mix and match of polka dotted garments, which was one of the hottest trends of the season!

Also got the NOKIA N8 PINK phone, including an stylish guide, where you can learn more about all the great apps the cool phone has and a blank notebook for taking notes, perfect to use during fashion week for writing every detail down and keep track of all the amazing things you like. 

The N8 phone is a great tool and its great NOKIA gave us the opportunity to try it out. It will definitely help us create a great portfolio, with a 12MP camera and video recorder, which has a 16GB memory perfect to hold tons of pictures and hours of footage and you can even edit the pictures on the same phone, seriously, its just great!

 I started using it right away, I just keep finding new apps like  for weather, travel and news, and of course you can share everything you want on the social networks in seconds.  

And guess what turning the N8 onto self-portrait mode makes it a mirror, it's so cool you can always check out your makeup and make sure you look great!

I loved it! thank you NOKIA for lending it to us!! The whole kit 
was a great treat and I think it would really help us to improve our portfolios.

So fingers crossed.. with your help, in one month I'll be in NY!!

 Thank you so much for the support. 
See you in NY!!
Andrea G.

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  1. Good luck! Love all the photos! I've got a giveaway going on at the moment, it would be great if you'd like to visit back! Izzy xo