Last week I went to Mexico City to visit some friends and went to a b-day party as well. We had such a great weekend, but was raining like crazy! One day we where walking around town and a storm came out of nowhere, we ended up all soaked! But it was fun though running around in the rain.

One day we went to have some drinks at the terrace bar of the Condesa DF, a cool boutique hotel. It stoped raining for a while so it was nice to hang out there and enjoy the view from the rooftop.

Anyway, I had to be prepared in case the rain came back and was kind of chilly, so I wore my ZARA beige trench coat.

And my super skinny deep blue ZARA jeans,

With the Michael Kors Hamilton tote bag, with a vintage scarf wrapped around.

And some vintage golden earrings with green stones,

Wore a Sfera white cotton embroided blouse, it has beautiful details on the shoulders. Im sorry I didn't show them on the pictures, but it was cold and didn't remember to take the coat off.

Used my Coach suede flats, which by the way ended up like aqua shoes after the rain, I definitely regret not wearing rain boots! 

I enjoy so much going away for the weekends, even if the weather isn't as good as I expect.

Have a good week! 
Andrea G.


  1. Love your trench, love those earrings!


  2. Absolutely stunning! I love your style so chic!

    <3 Marina

  3. Thank you!! always looking forward to your nice comments!!

    Andrea G.