I spent the first day in the city walking around everywhere, we covered pretty much everything from Times Square, to 5th Avenue, all the way to Greenwich Village and Soho. We had an awesome relaxing day, and a cool night as well. Some how we ended up bar hoping all over the city, it was so much fun and we got to met many great places.

Denim dress worn as a top - H&H / Sweat skirt - H&M / Maxi vest - Zara / Neon satchel - Stella Ritwaggen / Cutout oxfords -  Mauro Leone.

I wore a sport chic look which had a very laid back vibe, the cotton skirt and denim top combo is really casual and practical for a long day in the city. This is such a simple outfit, that all it needed was some extra details to be completed, like the maxi vest to create a cool contrast and the neon satchel for a vibrant pop of color.

Wait to see more of my looks from NY, they'll be featured on my next posts!!

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