Gotta love a cool print..  or at least I do!! I fell in love with this lemon printed blouse as soon as I saw it, I think this is such a fresh and fun top and the bright yellow tone makes it more exciting. It's amazing how a funky print can make any simple shirt look ten times better, they are such an easy way to pump up any outfit. They have become so popular lately, that this season you can find them in endless types, sizes and colors; you name it.. you can get as big and bold as you want!!

Lemon print shirt - Mono B / Green trousers - Zara / Leopard belt - Vintage / Bug necklace - Sfera / Mustard patent clutch - Vintage / Color blocked sandals - Zara.

I kept my look simple and fresh, by matching my printed top, with a military green pant and some other similar tones, creating a cool neutral palette and letting the yellow limes be the center of attention. Prints are all about finding the perfect way to mix and match them, either with a solid color piece for a simple look or with another bold print to create even more exciting and daring look.

Enjoy your day!! 

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