There is nothing like a pair of hot pink pants to brighten a cloudy day or any dull surface, like this cool pair, which vibrant tone makes an amazing contrast with the rusted metal panels behind me.

Black & white shirt - / Hot pink trousers - Zara / Leather belt - Gucci / Skull necklace - Marc Jacobs / Skull suede slippers - Steve Madden / Black shades - Mango.

I paired my pants with a white shirt and added some black accents to bring more color into the look. I think this three colors go amazing together, they make such a chic combination that make this casual look stand out. I spent most of my day at the salon, I gave my hair a lift up, I chopped of the damaged ends to add some layers, and gain more movement. I also retouched my highlights to bring more light into my face which makes the tanned skin of the summer look more radiant.

Have a nice day!!