A few weeks ago Estefania from the Estefania Mendivil Blog got in touch with me, to ask me if a I would like to have a guest appearance as a style blogger on her page. I was so honored by the invitation and to get the chance to collaborate with another cool blogger, who is actually from the same city as me. It's crazy how we might've crossed paths so many times before, but didn't actually knew each other. It's funny how now the one thing that we both have in common (our blogs and love for fashion an style) has broght us together and got us to know each other better. 

I want to thank her for this special feature of According to Me and thank you Estefy for letting me be a part of your amazing blog. Which by the way you should make sure to visit, it a cool mix of style, interior design, lifestyle and fashion, which we all know they go hand by hand to each other.

Here is the complete interview, hope you like it! 
To see more click here.

Thank you once again to all my followers for being a part of my world and blog!!
Hope we have more good news, fashion and style to come.

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