Ciao tutti!! So I've been in Milan for a week now and everyday just keeps getting better and better. Sorry if I don't post that often but I've been so busy having a blast!

I realized how much I missed living here, I'm enjoying every second of my vacations, even though the weather has been terrible I'm still having a great time. 

It was kind of depressing at first because it has been raining non stop!! and the worse thing is that I only packed summer clothes. Since my friends told me it had been really hot and guess what, I've been kind of freezing. So that can only mean one thing...  Shopping time!!! what else could I do! ha ha, I've already bought some amazing things, that of course I'll be showing them to you as  soon as I can.

I love what the new summer collections are offering, everything from the bright colors, romantic girly style to chic edgy pieces, seriously there are just to many things that I've fallen in love with, I don't think I can choose any specific style, I just like them all!

This pictures are from one of the few sunny days we've had so far, I went out with my friend Isabela and walked around the Duomo and the stores during the afternoon.

It was the perfect day to wear my H&M floral printed high waisted skirt.

And wore my new Michael Kors "Hamilton" large N/S tote bag, which I bought to be the perfect vacation's bag!

For the top, I chose an Sfera yellow cotton blouse to match with the color pattern of the skirt.

Used my short golden linked leaf necklace,

And my creme leather cutout Mauro Leone oxford shoes.
They are so worn out, I use them a lot they are great for walking all day.

I'll keep posting some new looks, 
baci from Italy!

Andrea G.

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