A few days ago I took a train with some friends and we went to Lugano for the day, we had never been there so we were excited to go and walk around town. 

It was a bad day for going sightseeing tough, it was raining all day and the wind was so cold! thank God I'd just bought some sweaters just in case! So I was happy to wear this one for the first time.

We had a really good time anyway, it's a beautiful town, it has a cool old vibe to it and the view is great, there are so many houses on the mountains all around the lake. we took a boat ride and get to see everything! 

Here are some pictures of what I get to see around there and some others of me and what I wore for the day.

I wore a ZARA KNIT golden lame sweater and Ray Ban Clubmaster vintage sunglasses, one of my recent findings.
 love this old style frames.  

With my perfect Levi's skinny jeans, who have become my favorite pair.

My golden elephant necklace, gold rings and my golden "Full blooded" Swatch watch.

With Michael Kors Hamilton Padlock large camel tote bag.

MANGO big golden ring and H&M camel leather belt.

And my basic Coach suede flats.

I still have two more weeks to go in Europe!
 I'll keep in touch, Kisses from Switzerland!
Andrea G.