After spending an incredible summer away, I finally got back home, now I’m more than ready to get my life back on track, and start posting and sharing all that has happened so far. A month away may seem like a lot, but it was just the right amount of time, even tough it went by so fast, I have to say, I did make the most of it. During the past month, I had the chance to travel, relax, have fun, go out and enjoy to the max the time with my family, friends and boyfriend. One of the highlights of my summer was definitely my trip to Cuba, I spent a week on the beautiful Havana, which is a place I thought I wouldn't go back to, but some how I ended up returning sooner than I thought, and it was as amazing as It was two years ago. I had such a nice time, we got to go to so many great places and walked around the city, just admiring their colonial architecture, which is full of history,  just being there you feel like time got stucked in the 50s, the buildings, the cars and the entire vibe, really transports you back in time. It was great to go back and enjoy the culture, food and the mojitos of course of this super fun city once again. Here are a few photos I took during the trip, to share with you this experience, and for you to see some of the places and details that make this city so famous.

Look 1 - Leopard + flowers printed pants - Studio F / White tank - Zara /  Tangerine Tote - Michael Kors / Quartz necklace - Lily Bizet / Nude Sandals - Mix 6.
Look 2 - Stripped high waisted shorts - Zara / White Shirt - H&M / Red bag - Longchamp / Cat eye sunnies - Chloe.

Have an amazing week!!

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