The 90’s are back, for a while now we’ve seen the hottest 90’s trends find its way back into fashion, we saw the revival of the grunge and the minimal trends, as well as of some iconic pieces like overalls, tie dye clothes, platform sneakers and many more. But the most recent 90s trend to make a come back, is the sportswear worn on a daily basis, we all saw this trend at it’s finest, and I’m sure you remember the person who best represented this trend, the Sporty Spice of course, from the Spice Girls, which were without doubt some of the biggest fashionistas of their time. Now we’ve found a way to bring back this trend, in the most glamorous way possible, this summer is all about mixing this sporty garments with super chic accessories, to take this super casual wear into the next level. 

Slouchy trousers - Studio F / Basic black tank top - H&M / Chunky crystal necklace - Amy de Petatiux / Silver Initial rings - Chula / Silver Frame cat eye sunglasses - Dolce & Gabbana / Snake skin envelop clutch - BCBG / Black ceramic watch - Fendi / SIlver sandals - Nine West.

Sportswear are better know for being comfortable clothes, designed for exercising, but now we've found a way to be comfortable, without looking like we are coming out of the gym. You can mix your running short with a emeblished top and some high heels or a cropped top with a super sexy fitted skirt, it’s all about clashing and mixing styles, have fun and use your personal style to find the perfect way to wear this super hot summer trend. For this look, I wore my new slouchy sipper up trousers, with a simple loose tank top, to get an easy and comfy all black outfit, letting the bold and colorful accessories bring all the fun and turning this ensemble into a sport glam look. 

Have a great weekend, make it last!!

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