I know I dissapeared for a long time.. and for that I am extreamly sorry, I do plan to making it up to you!! I took some needded vacations and went to the beach for a long week, I had the most amazing time with my friends and boyfriend. We spend the entire week by the pool tanning and eating like crazy. At night we visited some delicious restaurants and cool bars. It was the perfect relaxing getaway, I left everything behind and forgot completelty about work and school. Anyway it had to come to an end, so now I'm back in town and I'm ready to catch up with you guys. Here is a this quick post with some pictures that where shot before I took off, hope you like them! 

Shorts, Sheer blouse and Color block heels - Zara / Belt - Express / Tote bag - Coach / Sunnies - Mango.

I wore this ensemble for a casual day..  As usual, I went to school, run errands and attended some meetings. There is nothing better and comfortable to move around on a warm spring day than a cool pair of shorts and even better if they come in a vibrant color. Like this green ones, I wanted to use some color to make the outfit stand out and to create a contrast with my sheer star printed blouse. To complete the look, I wore my color block sandals to bring a bit more color into the equation and get a fun and flirty look.

Hope you have a great day!


  1. Welcome back! Happy you had a nice time.

    xo Marie

  2. Thank you sweetie!! I'm happy to be back!!