This post is dedicated to a local magazine called CHIC, which you can find every thursday as a supplement of the Milenio newspaper.
It is a very complete magazine, it includes news and pictures about everything from.. articles, interviews, fashion and lifestyle, advertisement, important events, features and editorials.

Today I'm sharing with you the pictures of the cover and a tear sheet of the 221 magazine's edition, which came out the 27th of january of 2011, where I was featured on a beauty article about cosmetic surgery and treatments.

I really enjoyed having this pictures taken of me, the location was actually a real OR of a local hospital, we even had to wear scrubs and caps so we wouldn't contaminate anything.

The hands that appear on the pictures are from a real plastic surgeon, who helped us so we could get a more real and professional look. Believe me, I wouldn't have trusted anyone else to hold a real scalpel that close to my face.

In my years of working as a model this has been, without a doubt one of my favorite experiences. I just loved how this picture look so easy and calm even though it took some time and a little pain to get the perfect result. 

This pictures are work of Jennika Kane, a successful mexican photographer, with a very promising career. I had the chance to work with her a few times and I really consider her the best of her generation. I love the way that she captures light, and how she isn't afraid to play with colors.

here are the links of the photographer http://www.jennikaphoto.com/ and makeup artist http://www.binna.com.mx/ http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2423257780 so you can get to know them better too.

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Andrea G.


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