Yesterday during my busy day, I stopped by the Habita Hotel for a while with my dear friend and colleague Shalim, who took this great pictures of me. I love the architecture design of the building, it's so industrial and minimal, with a modern twist. It quickly became one of the most popular hotels in town and I wanted to share it with you. Besides the whole concept matched perfectly with my outfit... grey and metals all over, great complement.

Photos by - Shalim Aleman

Knit cape - Mango, Long sleved shirt - Zara, Denim leggins - Forever 21, Canvas bag - Carolina Herrera, Knee hight boots - Santini, Sunglasses - Prada, Silver cuff - Egiptian market, Necklace - Vintage piece.

I've been wanting to use this cape for a while now, but I always forget that I have it, so this time I decide to wear it the minute I saw it. It is so much practical than I thought, I love the form it has and its so fussy and warm, perfect to throw on top of everything. 
Enjoy your day!